5 Ways to Get Help When You’ve Lost Your Mojo

It’s the week after the August Bank Holiday and it feels a bit like the business New Year.

All the things I’ve been putting off (because it’s summer) are nagging at me now. The sun is shining but there’s an autumnal bite in the air. Tomorrow the kids go back to school and then it will be time for some serious work.

But what happens when you sit down at the computer to find your motivation has disappeared? Or worse, you’re wound up tight and ready to go but with only a vague idea about what you should be doing?

If you want to get out of that hole and back to work you need help. Here are 5 ideas to get help when you’ve lost your creative Mojo. 

  1. Phone a friend. Friends are good because they do things for you that other people won’t. They’ll take the time to help you and right now you need fresh eyes on your problem. Get a friend to give you their gut feelings about your business, or run a friends survey about your new logo design( hey Jane!) or just use her as a sounding board.
  2. Find your ideal customer and quiz them. You should have a good idea of who this is in theory, but finding her and talking to her, wow that would really give good insight. Would she use your service? if No, why not? Would she use someone else instead, what have they got that is so great? How do I find her you say? You’ll have to wait for number 5.
  3. Find a mentor. So, your lovely friend has listened to your problem but she’s not a marketing expert and it has left you with some unanswered questions. Well, you could find someone who excels in their field and listen hard to everything they say. This could be a virtual mentor, someone you track down on a blog or through Twitter, or someone you can actually meet and talk to face to face. Most people like to feel wanted and are happy to give advice,(some don’t, but hey!) A mentor in your field could give you the direction and motivation that you need.
  4. Ask a professional. If one task is holding you back then don’t feel you have to do it yourself. Call in a freelancer and move on. Friends of mine got hung up on their website, but once they called in a designer and a copywriter to get it sorted they were able to get on to the next task. You can hire professionals to write copy, makeover your blog, refresh your landing page or even motivate you!
  5. How do you find these wonderful people? The answer is to network. Get out and mix it. You can meet people at paid-for networking groups, free coffee drop-ins or simply out there doing other stuff like book groups or choirs. 

 Turning your business focus outwards can really help you get your Mojo back. And if networking fills you with horror? Imagine you’re in a cartoon and all the people in the room are books with the words Free Knowledge printed on them. It really makes sense to grab some of it and take it home with you.

Do you have a secret for finding lost Mojos?


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