Getting Past The Gatekeeper

I read a post on Procopytips this week about the need to pitch your sales copy at the real deal- makers in a transaction as well as the person you’re actually talking to at the time.

These are the Gatekeepers, who have the power of veto, like your husband or wife or the head of purchasing.

It struck me while I was reading that you need to look out for gatekeepers everywhere, not just when you’re writing sales copy or trying to close a deal. Sending out a press release and other PR moves often involves getting your pitch past the attack dogs at the door.

A beautifully written press release may never be seen if the e-mail that accompanies it sucks and that e-mail might be deleted on sight if the tag line is dull. Those gatekeepers are using new technology to keep you out, but it’s your job to get round them!

 Back in the day you could put a release in an envelope and as long as it was correctly addressed it had good chance of being read. Now, we have to think three times more creatively to get the same result!

So my advice to you, especially if you are a small business doing your own PR, is to think as hard about the covering e-mail and tag line as you do about the press release itself.

My favourite tag line is “Some work for you!”

What’s yours? 


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