How Do You Provide Value?

Funny word value, the more I stare at it the more it seems to break up into lots of different meanings.

Value for Money is what we often mean when discussing the concept but there are lots of other things we value (I hope!) like, loyalty and trust and honesty and time.

In these days of austerity, where the recession has stopped toying with us and is now moving in for the kill, we really need to set out our stall on value in order to keep our businesses on track.

Whether you are selling a service or a product, customers need to know what they are getting for their money and whether that is good value.

It doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. The example I always come back to is Centerparcs, the cabin- in- the-woods people where you tootle about on bikes enjoying the open air (when not hurtling down water slides at 100 mph that is).  It is expensive but you know exactly what you are getting; happy, exhausted kids who haven’t been near a computer in days. To me that is value.

How do you measure value and does your business provide it? It’s well worth writing a check list and then you can let prospective customers know what they are getting above and beyond the basic service.

To give you some ideas, I would write;

  • Free Initial consultation.
  • Re-writes if not happy.
  • Always happy to chat on the phone about how the project is progressing.
  • Quick turnaround if you need work in a hurry.
  • Delighted to knock about ideas for future projects.

Then there are the qualities I touched on earlier like honesty, confidentiality and loyalty, all of which add value to what you do and make you the best choice when it comes to hiring.

And don’t forget the personal touch. Small businesses do this the best. Big operators simply aren’t set up to care about their customers like we are. Our customers aren’t units or seats or beds, they are real people. Do you ever find yourself  churning over a client’s problem in your spare time. I know I do – I shouldn’t, but I do.

That’s value.

PS Many thanks to The Underdog Millionaire whose post on providing Value inspired this piece.


One response to “How Do You Provide Value?

  1. I agree with you, small businesses should provide more personal touch to not follow the way large companies deal with clients, providing the best does not always belong to big companies. Your writing is very inspiring to me. thank`s Lucy.

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