Is it Time For The Return of The Telephone?

I got a call in Sainsbury’s the other day asking me if I would like to apply for a job. I was at the checkout and it took me by surprise, I could hardly hear and I didn’t know what to say. I said no in the end but I wondered if the odd circumstances had effected my decision.

Back at my desk, I decided that I would actually like a few more calls out of the blue. Things are so quiet now everything’s being done online. I could do with some conversation in between  bursts of frenetic activity!

Which brings me to my question today. Is it time to bring back the telephone or is it an annoying disruption?

Debate rages about the best way to construct an e-mail but maybe we should forget that and try a phone call instead? It’s far harder to be rude to someone on the phone(although some will try!)

This blog post sets out the case for the phone, and when you get to the comments you’ll see that I agree, even though I’m shy and find the phone a bit of a trial.

So, is e-mail a genuinely better choice or is it just an excuse not to talk to each other? What do you think?


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