How Much Self-Promotion is Too Much?

I think it might be time for a rant! Sorry but this has really got to me and I’m going to share it with you because it raises questions for us all;

How much self-promotion is too much?

I un-subscribed to a blog this morning and I did it with a heavy heart. I wanted to like it, I really did. This blog is run by a successful blog-writing company, so it should be brilliant and to begin with I liked their style – the verve and pizzazz – I found it inspiring.

But as time went by and I got to know the blog, I was put off by the level of self-promotion. I am quite bad at self-promotion myself and have vowed to get better so maybe I am over sensitive. I will admit to having an About Me page which I use to highlight special offers, but in general I believe a blog to be somewhere where we talk and pass on tips and add value to each others lives, not a giant advert.

Surely the blog in question could make their offers via a newsletter and keep the blog for information on why blogging is such a great promotional tool? (if this seems ironic I mean promotion through sharing expertise not money off coupons.)

Most of the blogs I love are not shy to promote their services but they make sure it is in exchange for quality advice, information and discussion. Their  promotion is mainly around the edges, using a box or a PS at the end. I don’t mind this because if I rate them highly then I want them to get new business and do well.

You may say if I don’t like the blog in question then don’t read it. Well I don’t anymore. Rant over.

What do you think –  do you manage your self promotion with a light touch or do you think using a blog to sell is the whole point?


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