Why Your Business Needs a 20 Minute Audit

We’ve all heard of the 20 minute make-over. Somebody from a TV show or magazine comes along and makes huge improvements to your clothes/room/ entire life – all in next to no time at all.

Well this is not it. What I’m talking about is much more worthwhile.

I’m suggesting that you take 20 minutes out of your busy day to look at what your web presence says about you.

Imagine you are your own prospective customer or client and you are trying to get an initial idea about whether or not you should do business.

  • Step 1. Put your name or the name of your business into Google. For me, that brings up my blog followed by my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, some articles I’ve written on other sites and a random Bebo entry from someone who is not me. The Bebo thing is annoying but in general I am happy with the results. I tried this with a professional organisation I wanted to check out and found they were ranked fourth for their own name. That is not so great. If they were selling a product and their competitors were coming in ahead of them then it would be terrible requiring immediate help from the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) doctors. As it is, this organisation might want to think about why it’s not doing better in the rankings and get cracking on upping their online presence with some guest articles and blogs.  
  • Step 2 Put some search terms into Google that you think people might use while looking for your services ie Find cleaners in Maidenhead – if you are nowhere to be found put Keyword Research onto you to do list and read this article by  Lisa Barone to get you started.
  • Step 3. You might want to get a friend to help you with this one. Go to the web site and write down the first three things that occur to you as you look at it. If those words are dull, grey and confusing then book an appointment with a web designer, preferably a new one.
  •  Step 4 How easy is it to find out basic facts? Where are you, what is your phone number, how can people contact you?
  • Step 5 This is one I like to throw in because I am interested in press and publicity – What does the outside world say about this service? Testimonials, links to press cuttings,  mentions on other websites? Try using the web service Social mention   for a quick overview.

Now I think our 20 minutes is up, but do give it a go or organise a swap with a friend – just make sure that it’s an honest audit and that you take the time to act on it.


2 responses to “Why Your Business Needs a 20 Minute Audit

  1. Lucy,

    I just found you today, so a special ‘thank you’ to the saints of serendipity!

    I love this post, especially the ‘Google your site’ idea and the ‘first three impressions’ idea; also the link to Lisa Barone’s brilliant keywords article.

    As an aside, I’ve secured clients using this idea: I do a 15-minute review of their site, write a small report and offer it to them FOR FR*E.

    Of course, I bait the hook with a further free 15-minute telephone consultation. I’ve found it quite successful. If nothing else, it puts my name in front of them. I sometimes get responses up to six months after I send the report.

    Drip, drip, drip……

    You now have a new follower in Saigon!

  2. Wow thanks for that – nice to meet you. How is business in Saigon?

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