How to Build Momentum

There’ll be  no talk of mass and velocity here. This is not a physics lesson.

Momentum for my purposes, is the energy behind an idea or concept that propels it to the next level.

We could all do with some momentum behind our business ideas because once things start to take off they build up an energy all of their own, taking you to some very exciting places.

I am no football fan, but there is a moment when commentators say; “There’s going to be a goal soon, it’s got to happen, they’ve built up a momentum and nothing can stop them now.” 

This is the point we need to reach to achieve success, the point where winning appears inevitable, it’s just a question of when. The best way to get to this magic place, apart from/as well as, sheer hard work, is with a media boost.

A PR injection at the right time can deliver major results.

For example, a hotel that gets even one favourable review can fill their rooms for the rest of the year. That kind of exposure is worth thousands.

People don’t necessarily know you exist until you tell them – so don’t rule out a short sharp PR injection. Spending  just a couple of days thinking solely about promotion could give you the push you need.

Make sure you’re ready for it though. Contacting the press, sending out samples to bloggers and hitting promotional full steam ahead can backfire if you aren’t ready to handle the interest. Could you manage a flood of orders or deluge of bookings?

Make your promotional push proportionate. If you are a small operation target the  people you promote to carefully,maybe start local with papers or niche publications before you get more ambitious.

And if you think it’s a great idea but are not sure what to do – get someone in. Or you can call me.

Feel free to share you successes or let us know what didn’t work so well.


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