Why You Need To Act Now In An “Always On” World

Have you heard of David Meerman Scott?

He specialises in real-time marketing and talks about it on his blog Web Ink Now

His main point is that we live in an “Always On” world. We encounter opportunities all day long as we meet people and  interact via social media and as a result we need to be fleet-footed and flexible enough to seize those chances whenever they appear. Waiting to run ideas past the board is going to cost you dear in the “Always On” world.

As someone with a background in 24 hour news, this makes perfect sense. If a story drops on the newswires you need to check it, verify it and broadcast it as soon as possible, because if you don’t, another channel will.

News did not always move this fast. There was a time when a journalist in the BBC Radio Newsroom would be given one story to write first thing in the morning, which would not be due on air until 6.0 clock that night. He or she would literally have nothing else to do all day and consequently could afford to spend a good part of it in the pub.

By the time I came along, news bulletins were every half an hour. This meant that if a story broke we could actually broadcast it then and there instead of waiting until the next major bulletin, which could be some hours away.

In his book “Real-time marketing and PR” David Meerman Scott exhorts us to both live and respond in the here and now. There’s no point sitting around scratching your head about an opportunity that comes your way. You need to respond instantaneously and have the clearance and the confidence of your boss/clients to do that.

This means listening to conversations online to find out what is current  and acting on it – engaging the media about what they are going to write, not what they have already written – and using your social media relationships to make the most of all opportunities.

In a world which is always on can you afford not to be first with the news ?


4 responses to “Why You Need To Act Now In An “Always On” World

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I worked for six years at Knight-Ridder, a real-time newswire much like Reuters. This was pre-Web and I felt like I was involved in this amazing world that so few people were exposed to. Now, as you say, we can all engage in real-time, yet few are.

    I feel like I’ve been working on this book for two decades. I am so psyched that it is finally coming out on Monday.

    Thanks so much for writing about the book.

    Best, David

  2. No problem, David. I came across your blog, loved it and then felt inspired to write a post about your book because it chimes in so exactly with what I have been thinking – do you think people will believe that we never met before?
    PR has to move into a world that is not only digital, with all the challenges that brings, but is also live 24 hours a day. For those of us with news backgrounds it makes perfect sense and so we are in a great position to take advantage and also to educate.
    Good luck with the book.

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  4. Ha! Yeah, sounds like a setup. I would like to meet. Maybe at a conference sometime. Thanks again.

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