How to Build a Content Bridge

I am taking it for granted that the service you offer is excellent. It’s of the very highest quality, in fact it’s the best of its kind.

And yet, you don’t have the public profile you’d like.

You want to be known as the first port of call for this product or service but you’re not in the market for a hugely expensive national ad campaign and you’re running out of fresh ideas for media news releases.

This is where social media and content marketing can come to your aid.

You don’t have to beg the media to write about you or engage in hugely expensive ad campaigns because now you can communicate directly with your audience yourself.

Many people already blog and use Twitter to connect directly with potential customers, but you could go one step further and build a content bridge.

In the form of a website or blog, separate from anything you might already do as a company, a content bridge is a place where you and your audience can meet on relatively neutral territory. It is a stepping stone towards the service that  ultimately you want them to buy.

So, for example, if you are a society of butchers and your aim is to sell more meat, then your content bridge will be a website where people can get advice on the best way to cook cuts of meat, to exchange recipes and to chat about issues to do with the product.

As the host, you are in a position to provide expertise – after all, your members know everything there is to know about the subject and can afford to be generous with their knowledge.

When your customer decides that it is time to buy (and that may not be for some time) you can put her in touch with a wonderful supplier. It is up to you to make that process as simple and obvious as possible, when the time is right.

The content bridge can work for anyone – you don’t have to be an umbrella organisation, you could be a solo butcher or baby food supplier or dressmaker or school. As long as you are discussing your area of expertise, sharing information of value and engaging with potential customers, you are set fair to win in the long run.

You will need to let people know you exist and you can publicise your content bridge on Twitter, by guest blogging on related sites and via the established media. 

The important thing is that your bridge exists, to carry and guide people towards your service, which you have already told me is the very best of its kind.


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