Why Are You Still Not Doing Social Media?

I ran into a friend at the weekend who has just sold her business for millions and is already starting work on the next one.

She does not use social media. Does she need to when she has been so successful without it? Is that why you gave up on twitter because you’re doing so well  you can afford not to?

Here’s some reasons why you won’t be getting away with it all your life.

  • The venture capitalists behind Google,  Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers have just announced a £160 million fund for new social media start-ups. Do they think it’s going away?
  • Mark Zuckerberg said this week that every industry could be revolutionised by social media.
  • Your competitors are already doing it.
  • Because without it your online presence is static. Using twitter to drive people to your blog which in turn sends them to your website is dynamic and engaging.
  • Influencers are talking to each other online all the time, can you afford to be out of the equation or can you wait until the next business lunch – in New York?
  • Generation Y will not forgive you when they come looking for you on social media and you are not there. (Gen Y may be interns now but they will be CEOs quite soon.)

What would you tell my millionaire friend about why she needs to start with social media now?


3 responses to “Why Are You Still Not Doing Social Media?

  1. Really useful – and I totally agree. Take my own business for example – I have won three new clients and hired two people through LinkedIn, generated a significant following for my blog on Twitter and used the same network to raise the profile of so many of my clients – social media is SO important and it’s here to stay!

  2. I notice a significant increase in traffic to my blog on days when I tweet. And Twitter is where I found Sarah Beeny and Maggie Philbin, both of whom have been interviewed in my Inspirational Women section. And, it’s where I have met you too! Tell your friend she needs to keep ahead of the game, not play catch up. That’s not how she got to be a millionaire in the first place!
    Good luck with your project by the way.

  3. Thanks Jane, you are an inspirational woman yourself!

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