How Long do You Need? Or, How to Make it Happen Now.

You need to have fast reactions in the always-on world. Opportunities bubble up out of no-where and disappear just as fast.

This week I am in the middle of my very own living case study about the need to move quickly and make things happen now…I blogged about it here a couple of weeks ago.

As you know, the marketer, PR or business person who doesn’t seize the day is one who’s out of a job, so when I was asked to help implement a campaign for a client I was on it like a shot.

The activity we are planning and  promoting doesn’t kick off until next year, so there’s plenty of time to sit back and polish the ideas you might think.

Not a bit of it. To catch the press in this particular sector we have to be ready by next week, including input from collaborators who don’t even know we want to work with them yet!

Am I mad you might ask?

No, I don’t think so, because the alternative is to fold our arms and say “oh dear” – we’ve missed the boat – we’ll just sit here and scratch our elbows until the next opportunity comes along.

There is no reason why businesses can’t turn on a dime, especially small ones with good contacts and social media already in place.

True, I am relying on my potential collaborators to be able to see a great opportunity and move as fast as us over the next week or so and events may not be straight forward, but in this always on world you could say “How long do you need?” or you could just make it happen now.


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