Are You Sharing The Right Stuff?

People share what they find useful – but do you really know what that is?

This insight came to me as I was pondering the unexpected success of one of my tweets this week. I usually try to keep my tweets business-like, with a little personal stuff thrown in for colour but this weekend, in a totally out of character move, I tweeted a recipe.

I don’t know what I was thinking, because I put in on Facebook too. I think I really wanted to share it because I genuinely thought it was good.

The resulting response was really heart warming. People retweeted it, liked it on Facebook and one person even made it that very day. I was really surprised and have been thinking about it ever since. What was it about this tweet that took off in a way that other more profound thoughts had not?

I came to the conclusion that I had truly met a need.

It was a cold Sunday in November, there were a lot of pears sitting around in people’s fruit bowls (this is a pear and syrup pudding) after an autumn glut and the recipe just exudes the warmth and  comfort of hearth and home. It caught a mood and it met a need.

So now, with any luck, you know where I am going with this. If you want to spread your ideas, or sell a product or build your reputation you have to share things that really strike a chord with other people. You have to hit the target right in the sweet spot that means people can’t help but pass it on or take action.

Sometimes it’s fairly obvious what people want to talk about. For example, one of my posts went viral back in my early blogging days when I was writing about   Twitter as the home of breaking news how this would spell the end for journalism. It was a controversial stance but the topic was hot at the time and it gave concrete examples of a phenomenon people were talking about.

But sometimes we get it wrong and end up sharing things people are just not that interested in. That’s when it is worth thinking differently. Could you be sharing something totally other but still building those valuable connections and relationships that are going to get you to where you want to be?

Please don’t think I want you to share cat videos – I don’t and even recipes is pushing it a bit far for a social media blog – but experiment with the things you share and meet your community where they are and not where you think they should be.

Now I’m not going to get away without telling you this recipe am I? So here’s the link – now get sharing.


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