This Much I Know

What is the sum of my knowledge from this past year – what do I know now that I didn’t before?

Truly? Get out of here – I can’t tell you that! OK I’ll tell you the bits that are relevant to the part of my life spent trying to earn a living.

  • Make Real-time Your Goal. Opportunities are there but they move pretty quickly and it’s no use responding to an appeal someone put out on Twitter last week. In travel PR requests sometimes go out for information on certain types of holiday and even when there is a generous deadline giving you time to get your information together, the prized editorial always goes to the first relevant replies. The same goes for writing jobs where it’s a first come first served world. Got some exclusive information? Don’t sit on it – get it out there now – even when you don’t have a competitor racing you for it, it just looks so much better when you act like a news operation. Real Time is still relevant! 
  • Words Still Matter Video is getting all the glory at the moment and where would we be without images? But to my mind (and I would say this) words  still can’t be topped. We can move people with words, conveying rich, complex ideas. Words work so hard for us, don’t ever give up on using them.
  • Twitter Doesn’t Work Unless You Talk to People  I’ve said it before but really, Twitter is a lonely place unless you communicate. Don’t be the bozo at the party – people want to talk. 
  • Your Blog Will Still Carry On Without You for a limited period if you have to take a break. I had some sad family news recently and had to let the blog live on without my help for a bit, which it did admirably. Past posts came to the rescue and kept the pipes warm until I could get back to it. Did you miss me? 

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