Choose me! How to get picked.

Choice – you’ve got to love it.

But the more choice we get, the more help we need to navigate our way through it. That’s why I’m always jumping online in search of information to help me make those choices.

But when I go looking, if you want one of my choices to be you, then you have to put your stuff out there in an easily findable way or you risk ruling yourself out of the running. What’s more, if that information is poor, then you won’t get chosen.

It’s hopelessly simple and yet apparently quite sane people still ask why they should put their work on Flickr or You Tube or comment on forums or write guest blogs. The simple fact is that the more roads leading back to you the better.

Some people still have very creaky websites which make potential customers flee in horror and that’s why I am writing this post today.

I was recently searching for a holiday cottage with some very specific requirements – it had to be in Dorset, bookable for two nights only and dog friendly. It quickly became apparent that my choices were very limited and I narrowed it down to three.

How do you select from three? At this point I needed as much extra information as possible – great pictures, user reviews, facebook pages full of photos and chat about local pubs, walks and events.

I am sorry to report that none of them really came up with tthe goods. One had detailed pics of each bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – none of it terribly inspiring but there were some charming garden shots.

In the end we took a very random punt on the place with the worst photos and the vaguest website on the grounds that it was the only one on a farm – but we felt we were taking a risk.

Needless to say it was perfect! So WHY are they risking business by underplaying their facilities and putting up awful pictures? No punter needs to feel underinformed these days when there are so many places to lay out your stall.

All I can say is that if you want to rake in your customers rather than wait for them to take a wild punt, then sort out your online presence now. Use photos, video and guest reviews – get as much quality information up there as you can so that nobody ever has to hesitate over choosing you again.

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