QR codes and why it’s the content that counts.

Have you noticed an outbreak of mystical black patterns on everything from leaflets to packaging?

If you haven’t, you soon will because QR codes are the very latest in communications technology, allowing you to zap via smart phone from a square, three D bar code, into a world of information.

The implications for marketing are huge and I could spend my entire post giving you the QR code ABC, but these guys at notixtech.com have done a great job with this QR code FAQ Do read it if you need to get up to speed.

Understandably, early adopters are eager to seize the advantage while the idea is still hot and are busy educating people and creating exciting uses for the codes. And this, I feel is the crux of the matter, because like any technology, once the shine of the new wears off, it is really only as good as the content it delivers.

I was with a restaurant owner recently who is very excited by QR codes and has put them on his menus and flyers, but when he showed me how they worked it took so long to download the information he could have talked me through the entire menu and given me a personal tour of the kitchens, so usability is important too!

Here are some of the more creative uses of QR codes I’ve spotted so far.

  • AXA Bank are very keen on QR codes and in one ad build a giant code using paint cans which were then hoisted onto a billboard. See the ad here
  • AXA were at it again – this time with an interactive QR code you had to scan to see the rest of the ad – watch it now
  • 23,000 people liked the QR posted by Lady Gaga to her fans on Facebook, linking to a downloadable ring tone for Born This Way
  • Estate Agents placing a QR code on the For Sale sign outside a house allow anyone casually spotting the property to instantly access a full video walk through, including price details, from their mobile phone.
  • QR codes on flyers and even business cards can give you access to smart promotional videos which let the customer know more about you – like this one Disclosure; the voice over is mine!

Do you think QR codes are here to stay or just a passing fad? And please do share any examples you’ve seen.



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