How to pass on content others will love.

Sharing content and spreading ideas is at the very heart of what we do with social media. We use the web of connections we’ve built up to reach other with our thoughts, ideas, videos and marketing messages.

In return we pass on other people’s stuff, which both helps them out and increases our usefulness to the group.

It’s something most people on Twitter do everyday and yet when you are in a hurry it is very easy to forget that each and every thing you retweet or link to carries your personal endorsement and says something about you. That’s why it has to be something you would be proud to have created yourself.

When I tweet for clients I need to make sure that the material I’m passing on is appropriate for them and reflects their values. Most clients would be unhappy with political content being retweeted in their name and they wouldn’t want me to promote the products of direct competitors. My job is to find content that reflects well on their taste, intelligence and style, which is very satisfying work and why I love doing it so much!

Here are some ideas for passing on content which others will love.

  • When you are tweeting to attract busy people working from home or looking after children go for content which is beautifully illustrated. Someone indulging in guilty browsing is more likely to stop for lovely photographs and crystal clear writing – it makes the experience like flicking through a magazine.
  • Content based on big ideas must be laid out well to get read. Opening a page full of tiny squashed up writing is a major disappointment. Complex ideas should be written in a good-sized clear font and separated into paragraphs or bullet points. If it looks bad don’t re-tweet it or perhaps put a health warning on it that lets people know the content is worth persevering for.
  • Always check you know what you are passing on. It sounds odd but many people set up RSS feeds and Google alerts to help them find content related to their subject area – they then retweet on the basis of a headline alone. There danger lies! Always check that the contents live up to the headline.
  • Think laterally. You could pass on content which may not be directly related to your subject area but which many people in your circle would find interesting. Say for example you sell upmarket baby clothes, then you can tweet links to beautiful toy suppliers or reviews of great baby friendly holidays – checking them out for lovely photos and a good layout first of course!

Retweeting and posting links is like surrounding yourself with books and artefacts that say something about you – so take the time to find the right material and get a reputation for passing on quality content that others will love.


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