Follow me!

It can be really frustrating when you are putting together a Twitter campaign and the people you need to make it work won’t follow you back.

You have a great list of people who would be perfect to spread your message across their networks and many of them are coming on board, but there are a niggly few that just won’t bite!

It’s tempting then to bombard them with @messages, follow Fridays and Re-tweets to try to get their attention.


There is nothing worse than feeling like you are a pawn in someone elses game and if someone starts stalking me for some follow-back attention then I am most likely to ignore them. After all when I decide to follow someone back it really is a considered decision. I check out profiles, old tweets, profile pictures – the whole nine yards. If at the end of it I can’t work out why I should follow back then I won’t – simple as that.

Patience is a virtue  as we all know and I have managed to get follow backs from highly prized individuals by waiting and then doing that person a favour when they were looking for help. This is all part of the natural play of give and take. So many people seem to go in all-guns-blazing and then act all hurt when you don’t follow them back.

Another tip? Let the person know why you specifically want them to follow you . If you want them to help you, then tell them what unique quality they bring to your campaign. It could turn out that you are chasing someone you think is a lynch pin, but actually they have zero influence and you are wasting your time.

So desperate twitter people – chill out, take your time, design your campaign in plenty of time and be up-front.


One response to “Follow me!

  1. Beautifully said.

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