Can we rise to the challenge of the Murdoch massacre and make something better?

I can’t blog about the media on a day like today without mentioning the Murdochs.

I know some people are bored with it all and have said so vocally on twitter – but I say to them – how can you be bored with something which gets to the very heart of how our world is run?

So today is Murdoch Tuesday – the day he and his top troops appear before a UK parliamentary committee to face the accusations that they bribed top police officers and hacked the phones of murder victims families.

The specific accusations reveal the entire organisation to be shabby and low, but let’s be clear, they simply reflect the methods by which this family sought to control governments across the globe.

In my school days it was fashionable to ridicule sociologists who argued that those who controlled the media controlled society – to have such a view would mark you down as some sort of Marxist. I invite you to consider that proposition now, in the light of what we know.

Do you see Gordon Brown and Tony Blair and David Cameron as independent political leaders shunning all influence and ruling according to their principles or do you see people clutching glasses of wine at endless Murdoch receptions attempting to stay within the News Corps circle of influence?

After years in which the pressure built up within this story, the tipping point came with engulfing speed. The fall of the Berlin Wall came to mind and the end of Soviet Russia – it reminded me that change DOES happen. Day to-day  inertia lulls us into thinking that nothing moves and that society trots along  the same as it ever was but of course the evidence show us this is not true.

The challenge is to use such enormous ruptures in society to make something better. What are the chances that this will happen?

Will the unveiling of endemic police corruption change the way we are policed? Did it change when the Met were unveiled as corrupt during the Soho years back in the 60s? Will the rules on media ownership change and will politicians take charge of their own agendas instead of listening to powerful tycoons from overseas?

You tell me.


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