Does Grace Dent get Twitter marketing?

I don’t know if anyone heard Grace Dent on Woman’s Hour ? She was talking about her new book How to Leave Twitter – by all accounts she loves it, so I don’t know why she wants to leave it.

In amongst all the praise for smart funny women finding a home on Twitter she mentioned in passing that Twitter was no place for companies or business messages of any kind. To her it was laughable that anyone should try to use the medium for anything other than smart chat, information and news.

Now while I agree with most of what she has to say about the wonders of Twitter I was bemused by the fact that she had managed to miss the enormous shift in marketing effort towards social media.

I suspect that like a lot of journalists, the commercial world is quite simply that – another world. People who are tasked with selling or promoting things really are seen as the lowest of the low in the world of the sassy media commentator, so I am not surprised that she has missed the biggest group of Twitter users of all.

But just because she chooses not to notice us doesn’t mean that her incredulity doesn’t have a point. How can people expect to sell stuff on Twitter and not have people see right through them – is what she wants to know.

Are you going to tell her or shall I?

I suspect that Grace may enjoy having her queries or complaints answered in real time by a multinational company. Perhaps she might like weather updates about her chosen holiday destination or amusing online banter with her hairdresser? Could her local estate agent help her find a new house or her local deli tell her what specials they’ve got using the medium in a non threatening and un-salesy way?

So go on Grace, follow a few commerical ventures and I promise you you will find some wonderful Twitter marketers doing everything right.

Have you got any ideas on how to win Grace over to the dark side?


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