When your audience does social media for you.

It’s August and for one month only it’s ok to talk about your holidays – as long as we’re discussing social media of course – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I have just come back from an amazing camp site in Dorset which, up until recently didn’t appear to have any social media presence at all. And yet, this rustic gem by the sea near Weymouth was chock full with punters enjoying a cheap, cheerful eco and child-friendly holiday. Could it be – SHOCK – that social media is not necessary to build full order books after all?

Well steady on there – I’m not going to go down that road. Social media is after all just a physical expression of word of mouth, which has been building brands for years and news of this gem has spread in quite a similar way!

We heard about  Eweleaze Farm  from friends who had been two years running and once you start talking about a place you realise that there is a whole community of fans who have either been or have tried to go, over recent years. Scarcity value helps – they only open in August and you have to book sharpish when they open bookings at the beginning of the year.

Eweleaze appeals to the new generation of campers who like it ‘cool’ and ‘festival like’ with few rules and lots of freedom, like the right to build fires and set up where you like. The place is awash with cute farm animals – expect to see pot-bellied pigs wandering past your tent, and there are hay bales for the kids to crash about on. The organic farm shop sells goodies like wood fired pizza and bakery goods as well as organic meat and basics (although only herbal tea) and there are oodles of eco touches like solar showers and pit loos.

If you are getting the picture you may be starting to realise that the people who come here are also highly likely to have large networks of like-minded friends who are going to be raving to about the place – probably on social media- as soon as they get home. I waited until I was in front of the pc before uploading my photos onto Facebook, but my husband was Tweeting campfire pictures and poetic ramblings about moons and red wine while we were still on night one.

Eweleaze does well out of communities and will do well out of online communities too. They are now on Facebook  and with only 30 friends I am guessing they have only just joined (31 friends since I liked them obvs)

I look forward to seeing their content and reminding myself of those perfect sea views – but my guess is that they won’t need to post that often because their community is already doing the social media work for them.



One response to “When your audience does social media for you.

  1. Great post and even better tip for the campsite – I’ll be booking up next year for sure. Social media / word of mouth in action…

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