Internet Marketing the Full Story – Review

It’s easy to spot a successful person – they have a huge energy about them and it’s infectious – that’s the reason why people are prepared to follow them, buy their stuff and heed their words. Elton Boocock is such a person and in his new book, Internet Marketing the Full Story, he translates that energy into print – sweeping you along with no nonsense advice and relevant examples as you learn first to attract your customers, then convert, keep and measure them.

As someone who loves to blog about social media I must point out that this is not another social media guide, not at all. It really is the Full Story of internet marketing – the bits PR bunnies, social media junkies and journos like me sometimes miss out! Think of it as prequel to all the content stuff – a return to first principles – why do you want a website – what do you want it to do and how is it going to deliver the goals you set for it? With such foundations in place the social media fad of the week won’t derail you.

This solid guide is quite clear about the hard work involved when setting out your new internet marketing strategy or rejuvinating an old defunct one. As Elton says, there is no point in getting stuck in without knowing why you are doing it in the first place and he likes to ask lots of ‘who cares?’ type questions to keep you on your toes.

So, if you have read countless articles about keyword research or off-page optimization without really understanding a word, this will put those voodoo skills into a solid context and de-mystify them in the process. In fact I’d say this book is the ideal guide for someone looking to appoint web designers and/or internet marketers as it gives you the full 360 on what you need, what you can do yourself and what you are going to need help with in order to succeed.

Disclosure – I first came across this book after working with Elton on a video project – see the results of that collaboration here;

and here;

Elton founds and runs Urban Media – website design and internet marketing.


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