How to make the best of your links on social media.

For me, links are a huge part of what Twitter is all about – sharing content like blogs, newspaper articles, videos and pictures. You would have to be very witty and wise to get by using 144 characters alone. But add a link and it opens up a whole new world – I have discovered some of my favourite blogs and web shops this way.

But do you know – some people say links put them off and they hardly ever click on them? Maybe these are people who use Twitter primarily via their phone – I know my phone supports Twitter badly and takes an age to open links if at all. How sad if all those wonderful links you put up on Twitter – full of useful sharable content were not being opened!

So imagine my joy at finding an application called Flipboard which lays out your social media as a magazine – opening up all those articles and blog posts on the page and displaying photos in all their glory. It becomes like a magazine curated by your friends.

I can hear you thinking – I’ve seen something like that before – but it is not one of those horrible things – those are rather random and irritating – called things like The Smith Daily which are pumped out to all followers whether you want them or not. The Flipboard app is about you. It makes your experience better and if the content is poor then you are following the wrong people!

With an app like Flipboard around you can appreciate the full range of media being shared out there and with any luck people will be viewing your media-rich content in a similar way. It’s been downloaded millions of times and was named Apple’s i-pad app of the year, so let’s hope it’s here to stay.

Have you seen anything out there that has transformed your social media experience?


2 responses to “How to make the best of your links on social media.

  1. is another one which I use. Worth a look.
    And hey, links obviously do work as that’s how I read your post!

  2. You mean you don’t subscribe Paul?!

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