Keep on running

This may not earn me a stack of re-tweets or record numbers of new readers but I have to mark this occasion because I did what I said I would and ran a half marathon.

I wrote a few months ago, when I first took the decision to run 13 miles, that the biggest part of the whole deal was saying yes – I will do it and I still reckon that’s the truth. Deciding to do something huge is very liberating because then you are free to throw all your energy into making it happen instead of prevaricating about whether you should do it or not.

The three months I spent training were very focussed – I stuck to my plan and it served me well. There were ups and downs along the way; I fell over in week one and ended up with a huge scab on my arm –  I developed blisters on my feet, I went out in rather short shorts one day and got to experience the full horrors of chaffing! A week before the race I lost my magic socks which stopped the blisters and I also had a crisis of confidence about my breathing – all of which served me well because I was able to re-live those moments on the actual run and laugh at my “journey”.

As this is not a personal development blog I will shut up about fulfillment and goal setting and just let you know that I feel thoroughly satisfied, and pretty chuffed even!

So roll on the next challenge – because I know I can do it.






2 responses to “Keep on running

  1. Many congratulations!

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