The mystery of linking

After all these years there is still a huge mystery to blogging.

We pick up readers from the oddest place and the posts that succeed are not always the ones we would predict.

I have a post called Five examples of bad customer service  which gets more clicks than any other post I have ever written and shows up at the top of both Google and Yahoo consistently.

I’ve also hit the big time with another post called Does Grace Dent get twitter marketing which appears on the first page of Google for the term Grace Dent + Twitter – which must be really annoying for her as she has written a book with Twitter in the title!

I wrote my post after Grace Dent appeared on Woman’s Hour to talk about her book and since the words “Woman’s Hour” appear in my blog along with Grace’s name, the post is now being linked to by the Woman’s Hour web page itself under the banner “buzz about the programme”.

I am of course delighted about all this but I assure you that none of it was pre-planned – it is all genuine organic linking with no ulterior motive and no trickery – but it does go to show that there are forces at work out there that you could harness to drive traffic to your site – if you could penetrate the mystery.

Any ideas what the rules are here? Do let me know!


2 responses to “The mystery of linking

  1. I haven’t worked it our yet either but there are many snake-oil salesmen out there who will tell you they can teach you the secrets… for a fee.

    I too have a similar experience with my blog post ‘my house isn’t selling, should I change agents?’ ( ) – To my amazement, I was checking my blog stats’ the other day and noticed that one of the referrals to my blog was from the Google search term ‘who should I call if my house isn’t selling?’, ranking my blog top out of 326 Million potential answers.

    Chuffed wasn’t even close to the word I uttered but the delight was energetically expressed. But, how I did it, I still don’t know.

    Great blogs by the way Lucy. I enjoy reading them whenever they drop into my in-tray in Outlook. Thanks. Chris

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Chris. It’s a good feeling to top out of 326 million sometimes!

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