3 really good Facebook questions

I love Twitter and have spent a lot of time using it and I’m pretty confident about what is best practice. But Facebook – now that’s a different matter.

Until recently I was using Facebook purely for personal and social interactions – we all need some personal space don’t we? But now I’ve been asked by a client to work with them on Facebook and the issues this has thrown up are both interesting and challenging. So I thought I’d throw a few questions out there to see what the collective wisdom might be.

  • Sharing information on social media has first and foremost to be relevant, useful and interesting – if it promotes your brand as well, then that’s great but we want to build communities that share, not dumb audiences to preach to. Given that, when is it acceptable to post a purely promotional link onto someone elses page?

Several people I have already spoken to reckon it is rather rude to muscle in on someone’s page unless you had been specifically asked to or had asked permission first. Others think it’s fair game. Personally I would want to look at the page as a whole and see if anyone had done this in the recent past – otherwise your promotional blurb is going to stick out like a sore thumb!

Having said that I think it is fine to go to your or your client’s news stream and comment on any of the posts you find there. It may be a friendly supportive thumbs up or it might be a comment that serves to add to the discussion while also subtly promoting your client. That’s where the skill comes in – that’s the fun bit!

  • How often should you put up new material to get the most out of your posts?

Some say once a week – others say once a day but it strikes me that there is a danger of sabotaging your own creativity if you push your own posts down the list too quickly. I would advise trying to space out your posts evenly over time, whether that is over a week or a day and stick to it. Fans who grow to love your genius will come to expect a certain posting frequency and you don’t want to disappoint but which frequency is ideal?

  • What is the best way to get new Likes?

So much has been written about this that I am only going to pose one question here – is it really annoying to ask people to like your business page or is this the one true way? How may times is enough and how many too much?

So, lots to get your teeth into there – I look forward to your wisdom!


3 responses to “3 really good Facebook questions

  1. Hi Lucy
    A little later than I had hoped but, answers as promised.
    1. I DO get narked if someone posts on my page without permission and they will usually get deleted (or even reported for spam, in one case this morning. On my Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pdqproperty it’s pretty clear that I am the only one who posts but, I am happy when people add comments on my posts (and wish more people would). Today, you’ll notice another firm has made a post on our page. However, we are working with this firm and we had been discussing Facebook by phone; so ‘OK’ to post.
    2. I’m still experimenting with this one but I try and set a minimum of tow or three a day and a maximum of a dozen or so. It’s difficult to call. To few and you’ll lose the reason for following your page; too many and you’ll just annoy people.
    3. At the risk of being trite; be likeable. People have come to your page for a reason. It MAY be a different reason from what you believe or hope it to be but, you need to establish what that reason is and, do more of it.

    Hope this helps Lucy
    Thanks for another interesting blog

  2. Thanks for taking the time Chris!
    For me, I find that the best way to become really adept at something is to get stuck in and find out what works, As you say people aren’t always on your facebook page for the reason you might imagine and their route there is often strange but once they are there the least we can do is enagage them!

  3. Lucy, happy to have found your blog. Always nice to connect with likeminded people.

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