Feed your customers’ inner geek – examples of extra value.

I don’t know how much time you spend thinking about the psychology behind the internet – social media, blogs, forums etc, but it’s an interesting area and one that is set to be much studied.

From theories about instant gratification, to the need to form connections in an increasingly isolating world – everyone from serious social scientists to Daily Mail columnists want to have their say.

I personally would like to make a case for the way all this ‘stuff’ appeals to our inner geek.

The explosion of accessible information created by the internet, together with the means to pass that around, has meant that whatever your obsession – be it  Lord of the Rings or Getting Married, there are hundreds of places online where you can go to share your nerdiness.

I confess to being a bit of a baby nerd when my children were about to be born. You suddenly discover an insatiable desire for information – up to and including – academic level while simultaneously becoming an expert in consumer journalism with special reference to baby strollers, cots and breast pumps.

I see something similar in my daughter – now thankfully past the stroller stage, as she hunts down information about Dr Who as though she were studying for a degree.

And it’s all there waiting for her. There are extra programmes to explain the background to each episode, forums to talk about it – DVD box sets with  unseen material and now an exhibition so she can get up close to a Sylorian (sp?!)

My point is that the endless capacity of the internet to provide us with information and its amazing capacity to join up those who want to share it has given our inner geeks free rein.

And this is where smart marketers, of the kind who like their customers and want to help them, can act as information providers and connectors, setting up Facebook pages and Twitter feeds full of extra information to share.Who doesn’t want to know more about the reasons why your favourite training shoe  feels so supportive and bouncy – cue lots of extra product information for the inner geek. Want to know more about that amazing seafood restaurant in Dorset? They have a blog and by the way their special Olympic lunches next summer are already getting booked up so get in there now.

So there really is no excuse not to feed your customers’ inner geeks – they want this stuff. It is up to you to find the time to give it to them.


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