How to target social media partners to get what you want.

Was there ever a golden age of Social Media? Did we all help each other and share links and pass on our contacts, or was that just what we thought should happen?

I remember going to seminars where we wer told to share the good stuff , hand out compliments because it will surely come back to you (and your business).

Slightly evangelical? – Ah but we were back then – and to a certain extent I still believe it. I like to go out on Twitter with my friendly hat on.

But the return on this kind of generosity can be disappointingly small. In my experience, when you praise an item in someone elses shop, they are delighted and re-tweet it to all their friends and customers – they may even say thank you but rarely seem to make a note to do the same for you.

It would seem that the one night stands are not working!

I am being flippant of course. Social media has always been about the long-term but could I recommend a consistent and targeted approach that works towards finding new partners to work with both off and online?

By identifying new possibilities you can spend some time finding out which are solid. So many people would “love to do business sometime” but then disappear. But a good short-list of people you can rely on is invaluable.

You can then work towards having a more long-term and meaningful relationship which might include newsletter swaps as well as social media mentions and Retweets. In one recent project I was involved in, several different partners pulled together to create self-published original content – sharing the costs.

This really is the way to go. You could pay for advertising and you could hope for good press or you can get together with other people to create content, good vibes and with any luck success.

The one night stands are not working!


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