Is your cv/resume on your side? What they can tell about you from your cv.

My work often takes me into areas I know very little about and the challenge is always to make social media relevant and usable to whichever sector I am working in.

This week I have been working with recruiters and as part of that process we looked at a lot of CVs  – and goodness me, isn’t that world a shocker!?

I will tell you now that this has very little to do with social media directly but everything to do with how we present ourselves. To many this is all part of personal branding and is therefore all of a piece with  what we say about ourselves on social media – so I am going to press on!

We all know that a CV or resume says a tremendous amount about us and that we should make a big effort with lay-out, grammar and spelling, but did you know how much you reveal of yourself to a trained eye reading between the lines?

For example; if I choose to use bullet points and highlight my achievements in precise figures, then I am organized and analytical while someone who prefers a flowing prose style is going to get pegged as someone who puts more value on the communication and social side of things.

Do you include information about your personal status? That may come across as desperate. Why do you feel the need to explain yourself, what insecurities are you hiding? Do your hobbies reveal just how unfulfilled and frustrated you are – would you need to throw yourself off quite so many mountains if your career had been that bit more demanding?

I’m not an expert and I have no right to lecture, but I was quite shocked by how revealing these things are. Plus, did you know that your information is likely to be transferred onto a data base for reference – so things like e-mail address and phone numbers must be crystal clear otherwise those fields will be left blank? One CV I saw had the person’s name, number and address as a watermark on every page which was not cut and pasteable and would therefore be missed by an automatic transfer of data.

In a world where some companies are searching the things we put online about ourselves in order to judge us – we can’t afford to neglect the judgements they make by reading the one thing we hand them on a plate.


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