Keeping it real – How finely tuned is your b*llsh*t detector?

Christmas time and the media is full of it.

Good cheer that is, together with twee little adverts featuring ‘people’ just like you and me having a tremendous amount of seasonal fun. But how much of this stuff are you actually buying – both in reality and metaphorically?

Is that your kid up there on the stage buying you an i-pad – retail price £399 – or is yours the one that can’t wait for Christmas just so he can hand over a beautifully wrapped box that he happens to have sourced on the high street all by himself?

I have to say I don’t really go for any of it and that includes the Redknapp family (or whoever it is this year) all playing Wii together – cuddled up on the sofa – which they seem to be able to do without ripping each others’ heads off.

I know – it makes me come over all Charlie Brooker.

What I do like however, is a dose of reality, which came last week in the shape of Benton/Fenton and his owner in a simultaneously hilarious and horrific YouTube clip. You must know it by now , the one where a dog out for a jolly walk with his owner herds a bunch of London’s finest deer over a busy road in Richmond Park – it’s had 2 million hits so far….

The thing is, we are now all so media savvy, with our BS monitors turned up to 11, that good old reality in all its raw horror and comedy trumps expensive advertising every time.

And so it is when we come to post something on social media. Lord knows I love the challenge of a dull day with not much to say, creative and inventive are my watch words – but look at the stats when you post up a genuinely engaging set of pictures featuring real people or when you share proper news with your followers.

I think people respond instinctively to the genuine – so today’s take away?  Keep it real whenever you can and pray the Redknapps don’t drop round this Christmas for a game of Wii.


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