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Tinsel & time wasters

At this time of the year there are very few of us not busy taking stock, reflecting and making plans. So here are my thoughts – for what it’s worth.

This was a year in which working relationships were strengthened and new ones forged – which is brilliant. Some clients who started off sceptical but were prepared to give social media a chance are now expanding what they do online and socially which is fantastic.

I also met some complete chancers who promised the earth and delivered very little…will I ever learn that if it sounds like bullshit it probably is? On other occasions I met lively interesting people to discuss exciting new ideas which sadly didn’t work out – maybe next year? But overall I’d say I had experienced a bit of everything.

The best thing about this year was tapping into a whole new layer of people who are only just discovering the way social media can enhance their industry. Much nicer to chat to them than to feel depressed in yet another forum about how social media is just for kids and will never give return on investment.

Talking to new people takes you back to first principles and the things that were so exciting a few years ago – the feeling that we were forging a new and better way to do business. Now I am one of those people who is both cynical and an idealist – in fact I think I am cynical because I am an idealist. But do you know what I mean about the transparency of blogging and social media and the way it offers the chance to be upfront, honest and friendly while still doing good business?

Well I hope you do – because that will be what sustains me into 2012 – Merry Christmas!

Why social media is inspiring me again!

The year is hurtling by and social media continues to tumble down the hill, getting bigger and bigger like a snowball as it goes.

Some of us went through a period of social media fatigue as the shiny new toys lost their lustre, for others it was the constant changes that put them off, together with being told that everything you knew was now rubbish.

But hey ho! We’ve rolled with it and happily enough I find myself once again in a state of excitement and optimism. Why? 

As my work takes me from one sector to another I’m constantly impressed by how adaptable social media can be to the needs of very different industries.

I am currently looking at the way social media communities can be used in the world of recruitment.

Some time ago I spoke to 6th form students about how to use social media to get ahead in their chosen career. I suggested that not only should they get onto LinkedIn and participate in groups there but that they should follow people on Twitter too – listening to the people you admire and tapping into their thought leadership can be very powerful.

Now I see that this has all been taken one step further with communities like Brave New Talent which have been set up to bring together large companies with potential recruits. Instead of advertising a job and getting a flood of applications which are then wasted when the appointment is made – this encourages HR departments to stay in touch with the people who have shown an interest in them, so that they can share job news and crucially, information about what they’re looking for in a future successful candidate.

Hopefully what you get, is long-term relationships between candidates, companies and their recruiters which builds on talent instead of wasting it.  After all, how many times have you heard people moaning that young people simply don’t know what companies expect of them anymore? This is an ideal chance to stop the moaning and do something.

Brave New Talent have got an impressive rosta of companies involved including L’Oreal, Starbucks, Tesco and IBM. I really like their blog   too.

So take heart from the brilliant new innovations that continue to flow from the social media spring.

What has impressed you lately?