Should job seekers really start their own blog?

This week I’m back to my first love – blogging and this caught my eye – 7 reasons why every job seeker should blog.

Do you blog – do your teenage kids? Most people are too damn busy keeping it all together quite frankly. But this article comes up with 7 whole reasons why anyone looking to move jobs this year or who is starting out on their chosen career, should start to write.

One of my concerns is about the prospective employer – is he or she really going to be impressed with your blogging efforts – do they have the time to read the musings of every wanna be in their industry? What if they think blogging is a waste of time and what you should really be doing is getting a lot more hands on experience? After all, pontificating on something you barely know about could make you look stupid.

So what to do?

The business world is moving forward at a very uneven pace where the social media arts are concerned and there are still many dinosaurs out there who think it’s a load of nonsense. But don’t despair – I actually think blogging is a really good idea!

Here’s why.

First and foremost, it forces you to organize your thoughts. You have to sift through your ideas, put them into some sort of order, examine them and look around for back up – this is what will help you with your job search. Through the process of writing and researching you will become better informed and you will have a whole range of ideas at your fingertips. The brain can cheat us into thinking we have something all worked out, but it’s not until you speak it or write it down that you discover it’s a load of nonsense – inside the interview room is too late.

Writing a blog is an opportunity to slaughter a few industry sacred cows – taking on outmoded thinking and proposing new ways of doing things is a useful way of making yourself stand out but I would steer clear of stunts. I don’t think the girl who wrote a letter of ‘rejection’ to the Oxford College which had intimidated her did herself any favours. Petulance is not the same as coming up with fresh ideas.

So go ahead and show them what you’re make of – build your brand – extend your reach and all the other things mentioned in the article but don’t get too downcast if your prospective employer decides not to actually read the thing. For you , it may have already done its job.


One response to “Should job seekers really start their own blog?

  1. I agree blogging for potential employees is a good idea. It certainly impressed us when a potential Apprentice came for a position recently. However…please make sure what you WRITE in the blog is appropriate too. His use of the C word and the N word was NOT appreciated, nor were the pictures of death and destruction he had posted. It led to us not hiring him as we didn’t want to be associated with what he’d written.

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