Bouquets and Benylin

It’s been a busy week and I need to reflect – can you spare a moment? There are ups and downs.

We’ve all had colds in our house and if you’ve had the same one you’ll know it makes you feel like you’re wading through mud. But I was pulled from the mire on Monday by the news that one of my clients had won a prestigious local food award.

After promoting furiously on social media all day – the cooking hour finally arrived and I sat at my computer, following the live tweets from the event several hundred miles away with my heart pounding. “Doing” live events on social media is ridiculously amusing – I really recommend it – next time you are at a conference or awards have a go – or if there is something you can’t get to, find out what the hash tag is and get stuck in. Pour a glass of wine and it’s like you’re there!

Anyway – we won! So then it was on to the whirlwind of promotion and publicity that flows from such a thing. It may sound obvious but you have to catch that wave while you can. The good will is tremendous and I spent a lot of time just compiling lists of Twitter people to thank.  

Cutting the BBC radio coverage into a format that can be used online and gathering the photos and quotes is my next task for a special Facebook posting.

In the midst of all this I caught a couple of posts on twitter that sent my mood plummeting – I picked up on a slight sneeriness with regards to social media newbies. It depressed me and made me realise how intimidating it can be out there. New folk are sucking up all these posts to try to learn stuff but end up feeling disheartened and excluded. I think we should all remember, me included, to be more positive sometimes. (I remember ditching a swathe of top American social media gurus because they thought they were rock stars and acted like it. You start off thinking you can learn from them and end up just feeling small and useless. They didn’t miss me either!)

So a busy time.

It reminded me that in order to use social media to capitalise on the good times you need to have all your ducks in a row. You need to make your  community in advance otherwise you can’t make hay. (Too many dodgy metaphors – ed)

And you also have to remember not to take what you read too seriously. We are all arm chair generals and you have to choose who you pay heed to. 

Right, that’s me – I’m going to take my meds now.


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