How to be more efficient with social media.

Everyone wastes time on social media, but if you are running a business or acting for a client, then efficiency is vital.

But how much time is too much and what are the dangers of not enough? I think we need to look at that.

Browsing a PR agencies blurb the other day I came across the proud boast that they would update their client’s social media across all platforms – wait for it – once a week! With the prices they were charging that amounted to a whole lot of cash in exchange for very little.

I update my client’s social media every working day and I know that this will take me 15 minutes each time if I am going to do it properly. What do I mean by properly – here’s a check list.

  • Posts should be well written.
  • Posts should be accompanied by an attractive photo, link or other media.
  • Posts should address an objective – whether that is simply creating a certain ambience or being helpful to a local business but don’t lose sight of your overall marketing and pr goals when you post.   

Surely you can get all that done in less than 15 minutes a day? If you post and go then maybe you can, but you also need to take time to look around. Post and go is not much different to broadcasting and maybe in those circumstances a targeted ad would be more effective?

I think you need to hang around social media a little to see what others are saying and while you do it you might perform these tasks;

  • Check your @ messages to see if people are talking about you.
  • Check your direct message to see if people are talking to you.
  • Check your new follows and decide if you want to follow back. Send them a message and maybe check out the people they follow if they look really good. 
  • Scan the tweet stream for conversations you would like to get involved with or use hashtag searches to home in on specific discussions.
  • Do a good deed – promote someone elses blog, or product but do it mindfully and with an objective – even if you simply want to be their friend or their products chime in with your vibe.

Now you need to get out before you waste too much time but don’t forget that you can make yourself more efficient by linking Facebook to Twitter or any other combination that suits you. You can try a pre-planned schedule and automated tweets but I prefer to use those with a light touch – being present, relevant and flexible is much more important. Journalists know that if a better story comes along you must ditch the plan and make a new one.  

Now I’m out of here.


3 responses to “How to be more efficient with social media.

  1. As ever Lucy, an excellent, well written blog. Some great points.

  2. Hi Lucy, I completely agree with you. I see many ‘social media companies’ doing – let’s just say – not a lot with their client’s accounts and I know from managing our client’s accounts, how much time should really be spent. Posting a message takes seconds, but it’s building a relationship with people that counts and is the essential (more time-consuming) part.

  3. Thanks so much for the comments.
    I think it is essential that however much time (and other peoples’ money) we spend – we do it with presence of mind – I keep surfing aimlessly for the weekend!

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