Sweet irony for social media.

No one was more surprised than I when we learned this week that poker player and quizstress Victoria Coren is to marry Radio 4 panel show stalwart David Mitchell.

I don’t know why I was so surprised – they are both intelligent single people and probably perfectly suited, I think it was just that I had her down as a serial loner and him too for that matter. I don’t dwell on celebrities THAT much in my everyday life, but there is a little bit of Hello magazine in most of us (there isn’t? Oh ok, blokes.)

Anyway, they both have a reputation for being traditionalists and curmudgeons and what’s more they don’t approve of social media much, despite having twitter accounts, so they decided to announce the news in the old fashioned (posh) way with an announcement in the Times.

Lovely or luddite?

Well you really can’t turn back the clock and before long an eagle-eyed fan had spotted the news and it was all over twitter from where most people who cared were able to pick up the news.

By the end of the day Mitchell was quoted as saying that he had received so many lovely tweets of congratulations that he had quite come round to the idea of social media.

A sweet irony don’t you think?


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