Is it ever ok to use jargon?

Jargon is unacceptable. Isn’t it?

Tell me this then, do you think there is ever a case for a certain level of business-speak in your communications?

I would genuinely like to know the answer. In journalism we were always taught to strip out anything that obscured the message, so interviewees referring to the governments RPIXY scheme would be challenged and asked to explain what they meant. But at the same time we had our own jargon with RJs and SBJs and DOGs   (Regional journalists, Senior broadcast journalists and digitally originated graphics) A great favourite in broadcasting at the moment is UGC – user-generated content and I have even heard social media types using that one, so you don’t have to be in the board room wearing a suit to be guilty.  In fact any plumber or electrician will reel off an entire dictionary of twobefour type slang.

A certain amount of shorthand can create an easy bond between equals and saves time when everyone knows what you mean.

So, if you are a business to business organisation – can your communications bear some jargon? KPIs and SLEs for example. Does it make you sound more professional – does spelling them out make you sound infantile? 

While you are pondering this, have a look at these posts from my back catalogue;  Top 10 jargon howlers  and Jargon to make you smile


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