An e-shot across the bows – saying yes to the newsletter.

I am very excited about a new project, which is always a good place to be, but as with so much that is worthwhile it is taking me into areas where I simply don’t have all the answers. So I wondered whether you do? Or at least some of them?

I’m putting together a ‘communication’ for a friend which we are far too au courant to call a newsletter – let’s call it an e-shot shall we?

We are hoping to use it to encourage a group of people he knows professionally, to stay in touch in case they might need him in the future.

The totally scary thing is persuading them that they want to receive this communication. They have to be given the opportunity to opt out and therefore it is really important that we get it right with the very first mailing. No time to bed down and develop – they either like it, or they don’t.

For that reason we are going to be focussing very much on them and their needs. We can’t afford to turn them off by babbling on about the company’s virtues. The content, the style and the images also have to appeal straight away.

The recipients will all be career minded professionals and we want to offer them interesting and useful content that will help them to get to the next level in their careers. I plan to offer a mix of material that is both original – commissioned from scratch by us – and curated articles from around the web. Like all digests you can find it out there for yourself but it is useful when someone has done it for you.

So please do let me know about your experiences of persuading people to say yes to your content – the more experiences we can gather, the less scary it will be when we press send.


2 responses to “An e-shot across the bows – saying yes to the newsletter.

  1. My experience and suggestions: a good leading headline that gets them to open the email IS important. Don’t underestimate power of a good subject line. Also, don’t make it so long that they miss half of it in the window.

    Perhaps quick snapshot graphics of a couple of case studies with ‘read more link’ and with pull quotes of customers speaking to how your friend helped their business. Each snapshot with it’s own catching headline. having no idea what your friend does just throwing these out there……’Cut Costs by 25% With Simple Office Streamlining’- things that speak to their savings or growth???

    Top three reasons WHY they should subscribe. Give them reasons to say yes just in case they were wondering! Perhaps ‘entered to win a free consultation when you subscribe’ or similar offer.

    Best of luck Lucy!

  2. A good headline is a good call! I am really pleased so far with the content we have come up with – but as my previous 2 posts suggested you do have to sell it all with a fab headline.

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