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Have you put your social media manager in a box?

Woman in a box

Have you ever been tempted to get someone else to do your social media for you? After all, it is time-consuming, boring, (especially when you can’t think of what to say) and quite frankly – a complete pain.

You might expect me to say – great – I’ll do it for you then -another customer in the bag! But really? Honestly? I think you should do it yourself or at least get involved when someone else does it on your behalf.

The thing is, when a business hands over responsibility for its social media and just signs the cheques, then they don’t put anything of themselves into it. The stuff which comes out as a result is the product of your social media manager’s mind, the voice is hers and your chance to communicate with your ideal customer is lost.

The more you ‘give’ – the better your results. My favourite clients are the ones who start off at one remove and then get so enthused by the possibilities and the results that they start to ‘get’ it. When a client is fully on board and engaged the content starts to fly and the “likes” go crazy. It’s a positive circle.

If you told me you wanted to take over from me now and do it all yourself because it is so rewarding and such fun, then I would walk away like Mary Poppins knowing my work had been done. If you still have 1001 other things you need to do but want to work with me to make your social media ideas reality then we are in business. 

So if you have filed your social media manager away and told her to get on with it, think about taking the lid off her box and joining in for a bit – it’ll be worth it.

Image is courtesy of clarity mind.