Social media holiday planning.

Holidays play havoc with your schedule. It’s not that they’re not nice to have – dear Lord was I ever ready for mine – it’s just that you have to get so organised before you go and then even more organised when you get back. It would be nice to have a few days before hand to just bask in the idea that you’re off and then a few days afterwards to gently cajole yourself back into the swing.

But it was not to be. I got back at 3am and then woke up to business as ususal the next day, only with 200 e-mails in my inbox instead of 20.  

It was nice though – once the kids had left for school, to hop onto my client’s Facebook page to see that in my absence, my working self had been hard at it, putting up lovely posts on a daily basis together with some nice images and what’s more – they had gathered a number of likes and comments.

All down to the wonders of scheduling.

I know this is nothing new for devotees of Hootsuite, Tweetdeck et al, but I have never really got on with them. So I was delighted to discover the ease with which you can schedule a Facebook post. It all happens on the page and therefore feels much more reliable than anything I have tried before. You go into the status box and write your update complete with image etc, then click on the little clock at the bottom. It asks you to add a year, then month, day and time and you are ready to roll.  As all these Facebook posts are then fed through to Twitter it is job done and away you fly.

Worth a go I’d say. What do you do about social media when you go on holiday?


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