What I write about when I write about the London Marathon 2

January 2014

Well I am up and running – quite literally! All is very much on track for the London Marathon in April which is great news! I did 14 miles today and I am very pleased but maybe not quite as happy as I should be. Here’s why.

I set off to do 13 miles in the Twixmas week between Christmas and New Year, which some might find a bit obsessive. But I wanted to do it really badly because I had promised myself that I would do 13 miles by Christmas. I know I said 10 miles by Christmas  – but I upped the ante on myself didn’t I?

But then disaster stuck and I got ill. I developed a sore throat that felt like razor blades which took me out of the game for a whole week. I know! It was hard to stop running for a week so early in the game, but I had to do it and I only started to get back on track in Christmas week. This meant that I ended up doing a running streak which saw me out 6 days in a row including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day albeit for only half an hour at a time as I got back into the swing.

That then is how I found myself desperate to run the 13 miles before the calendar flipped over for another year and made a mockery of my plans. Sticking to plans is quite important for marathon psychology because once you allow yourself to waver you would never really do any of it – I mean would you?

That 13 miles though – what a run! It went so smoothly and easily I thought there must be a trick. Was there something magic in the High 5 powder so kindly donated by a friend? Was my GPS off and lying to me? I trotted back home and cooked lunch for my sister without a twinge or a creak. So how come just one week later after 14 miles I feel like a train wreck?

Today’s run was fine for the first 10 and then after I dropped off the dog (she doesn’t really need the additional exercise) I plodded out 4 miles in a loop of effortful discomfort. At least it gave me a chance to work on my “tired running”. You just have to tell yourself you are at mile 20 in a marathon and force yourself to keep going – it is a pretty good representation of how it is going to feel.

I am so glad it is done though – it means I can pick and choose a few nice sessions over the rest of the week before Boot Camp starts again next week! Oh My Days – I am going to need a few sit downs next week once Annie gets  her squats and lunges on. Pray for me.


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