Support knickers for the feet… my marathon journey continues.

It was all going so very well. The dream 13 mile run was followed by the slightly harder 14 mile one and that segued into the grittily determined 15 mile one a week later. And then the wheels came off.

I am not sure when it was I realised that my ankle was not quite right – but slowly I started to panic and fuss – all the while pretending I was doing neither.

No big deal – just take it down a notch- have an easy week – recognise the limitations of your body – get a sports massage, stretch some more, get out the foam roller and get fitted for some different shoes – but I certainly wasn’t panicking nor fussing.

If people asked how my marathon training was going I would say ” well thanks, a bit of a niggle in my foot but nothing to worry about” – inside I was “I’m not running a bloody marathon! It’s all over!”

The trip to the running shop turned out to be a good move as my current shoes are not giving me enough support. Addidas have gone over to their much vaunted Boost technology and no longer seem to care as much about arch support and heel cushioning and all that old fashioned malarky. So instead of swanky black and pink Addidas kicks I was introduced to my new shoes – the equivalent of a pair of support knickers for the feet. They are enormous and full of posts and arch grips and padding – I only hope they do the trick and keep it all together in the ankle department.

I went out today for an experimental 10 miles and am feeling about 50% confident. I can’t say what will happen with longer distances but I have ordered some bright red kinesiology tape to strap up the ankle and add to my growing collection of support equipment – maybe this will turn out to be the push up bra of the running world? Who know.


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