My marathon blog – no funny business….

I am ready for the London Marathon.

There I’ve said it. But I really don’t want to jinx anything and I now know why footballers are so superstitious – you really can’t take anything for granted. I have done 2 x 18 mile long runs and have no intention of going any further thanks – not until April 26th anyway. The weather is a bit kinder now and running has become a pleasure again – I shall keep it all ticking over nicely for the next 3 weeks but no funny business and no heroics. Physically all is well I think. I am often tired and frequently hungry but neither sleeping nor eating has ever been a problem for me – I love them both!

I have been thinking a lot about those difficult moments that are bound to come during the race and how I will deal with them. I used a mantra on my last 18 miler towards the end – which was, “I’ve got this” – which is quite a reassuring thing to say to yourself – I think I will use it when I go into the Blackfriars Tunnel which has proved such a low point for so many people.

It comes at around mile 20 when the balance of your mind can go a bit weird so it has to be respected. If I can train myself to see that tunnel as a positive thing – the beginning of the big finish, then all may yet be well.  I will say “Ah, here we are at the tunnel – I’ve got this” and off I go. That is the plan. Of course my natural inclination will be to say “Dear God what fresh hell is this” and fall to the ground sobbing – but that is not going to happen.

The race up to that point is through some rather uninspiring suburbs, the Isle of Dogs and round Canary Wharf – so I really need to appreciate the full glory of running through central London – past all those lovely landmarks – when I get the chance.

Teenager no 2  has helped me make a playlist – which I hope I will have the energy to put on at some point – full of uplifting tunes I love and also some of HER favourites, which will make me smile and think of my family – the only time Emo and Disco Funk will appear on the same list I suspect. My Chemical Romance plays Chic – there might be a market for it….  Usually I listen to the Archers omnibus on my long runs and I often talk back to the character as I go – “ooh nooo Dayvid – yer can’t sell the farm!” but I can’t see that going down too well on the 26th.

So there we go – from the hysteria of receiving my place in the post, to injury scares and painful sessions on the black spiky roller – its nearly time to get on that train to Greenwich – or is it Blackheath? Where did I put those instructions again…. –

One response to “My marathon blog – no funny business….

  1. Please please please do The Archers thing on your way round. That would just be brilliant. May good fortune go with you. X

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