What I Learned About Running the London Marathon – Post Match Analysis


I have run the London Marathon and I loved it! If you have a hankering then you should certainly do it – honestly it was great fun – mainly.

OK do you want the blow by blow? Got a couple of hours? Ha ha no I would not do that to you but I will do a few bullet points just so I don’t forget what an amazing day I had. Here is what I have learned about running the London Marathon.

  • Blackheath can be a very very cold place indeed
  • Walking within a huge crowd to the beat of a drum towards your inevitable fate feels like being a tribute in the Hunger Games – you will feel sick.
  • The pubs of south London with their pint drinking crowds and pub landlord karaoke are hilarious and 1 of my favourite memories – a once – a twice – a 3 time a laideeeeee
  • At Cutty Sark your world is fabulous – you are having the best fun ever – you are going to do this every year! (It is mile 6 – you haven’t run very far)
  • Seeing people you know, loved ones, other runners – it is fabulous – don’t underestimate your role as a supporter.
  • The crowd noise coming up to Tower Bridge gives you a glimpse into the world of the Roman gladiators – addictive – until you get killed obviously.
  • Running away from Central London towards the Isle of Dogs isn’t as bad as you think.
  • Canary Wharf is mobbed! And where did all those buildings come from – it’s like the opening credits of Dallas down there.
  • At 19 miles this marathon lark feels very do-able – almost routine – easy innit?
  • At mile 20 – Hmm goes on a bit doesn’t it?
  • Mile 22 – Why are these ****ing bastards walking? Put some effort in fat boy – get out of my way – I am still trying to run you **** (v. similar to the bit in childbirth where you swear a lot, it means it is nearly over)
  • In the Blackfriars Tunnel Taylor Swift is Shaking it Off – good for her.
  • London’s landmarks are laid out before you – The Wheel, Big Ben – you don’t give a stuff.
  • Birdcage Walk – the severe pain that has appeared in your buttock starts to move into your lower back – baby will soon be here.
  • Turning the corner into the Mall everything falls away and you peg it to the end – hurray! You are met in your hour of triumph by no one in particular.

So there it is. Just a few thanks – to my long suffering family who put up with the whole thing and didn’t steal my beetroot juice – to boot camp Annie who understood that you MUST strength train to complete a marathon – to everyone who donated to CRY and the Tom and Claire fund – you raised nearly a thousand pounds which is simply stunning!!!!!!!

It really is a great day out if you fancy it?

One response to “What I Learned About Running the London Marathon – Post Match Analysis

  1. Annie here! Just noodled along to your blog and indulged myself in some marathon prep reading…it has encouraged me to get out there again. Too long away from the pavements. I could even feel the anxiety of pre-run nerves. Safe in knowledge I will not do another London, I could enjoy nodding in recognition. Right. Up and at ’em!

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