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Boot into Boden ? Not today.

My friend Jane wants me to stick the boot into Boden after getting a glossy catalogue in the post full of tropical swim-wear. It’s the middle of winter for hell’s sake ! Porn for the polenta classes ? You bet.

But at least they ‘re honest about it. They just want to sell us clothes while we’re stuck indoors dreaming of summer.

And boy do they want to sell us clothes. They have one of the most persistent marketing strategies I have seen outside Pizza delivery firms, hitting you several times at key points during the season until you have a stack of catalogue, each subtly different.

The one that comes out in the bleak midwinter tactfully puts its flimsy dresses towards the back and pushes the cardies up front. Later on we get a few new headline items and a re-jig of the clothes. That can’t actually cost them that much as the clothes appear to be shot in one batch, sometime last year.

Considering how annoying over-persistent campaigning can be, this is remarkably effective. Boden has become a by-word for middle class style (smugness if you’re feeling satirical) with annual profits of 22 million pounds. Michelle Obama is a fan. Hell I have been known to make the odd purchase although it makes me feel too much like a yummy mummy for comfort.

So, I won’t be sticking the boot in today. Instead I will be observing that shouting about what you do on a regular basis, mixing it up a bit to keep it fresh but essentially delivering what your customers want, seems to be a   recipe for success.