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Take a peek,Britney Spears is in there.

If you read my blog you will get to meet Britney Spears, earn millions without spending a penny, find the secret to eternal happiness…

Are you with me yet ? I’m trying to work out how you get people to look at a blog and these things seem to be what vast numbers of people are interested in.

I’m not thinking about how you generate long-term followers, by the way, but simply how you persuade the casual browser to look at it for the first time.  Whether you are using blogging as advertising for your personal brand, professionally for a company or just for fun,  you need to know that someone looks at it, otherwise you are just talking to yourself !

So I reckoned that if I sprinkled a few key words or search terms around then I might get some hits ? It is purely experimental and I apologise now to anyone who has come here looking for Britney. I am more of a Lady Gaga girl myself. I will let you know how I get on and then we can talk about using search terms that are more relevant to our blogs but could also help us to generate that first peek.