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Write Your Way to the Top

I met an old friend at a party the other day who told me she had written her way to the top of Google.

I was impressed.

How did she do it? Well she’s an art lover with a web-based business selling limited edition prints. Starting from nothing, she decided to target certain key search terms and set about using article marketing to get her business known.

You may have heard of sites like Ezine and Squidoo which let you post informative articles in your niche which both direct readers back to your own site and give you a much-needed boost up the search-engine rankings.

You do have to work hard at it and I could see from the slightly manic look in her eye that it hadn’t always been easy to write an endless stream of articles around the subject of original art. The more pieces you put up the better the returns, so you have to be very focussed on this strategy if you want it to work for you.

On Ezine you get expert status after posting 10 articles, on other sites you get kudos from being rated by your peers, a site called Helium will even give you a cut of the advertising profit.

I take a slightly different approach, preferring to target my writing at blog swapping and guest posting, this way I connect with the people I’m collaborating with and make valuable contacts along the way.

My latest offering was published on a site called Be fabulous! an inspirational website for women just like me. I have also had some success matching clients with web magazines which are looking for great new material in return for publicity and a link, for example She plc’s Business Buzz magazine.

Fledgling magazines may not deliver the same hit as a high-profile glossy but we overlook the web-based media at out peril. So whether it’s a boost up the search engine rankings or some much-needed exposure you’re looking for, keep an eye out for new opportunities to write your way to the top.